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About Us

Grants and Procurements

Grant and procurement development and technical writing are foundational strengths of the Advocacy Chiefs. We establish a robust funding pipeline by securing grants and procurements and cultivating collaborations with strategic stakeholders, philanthropic allies, and government advocates. This results in an impactful non-dilutive funding strategy for our clients. Our approach involves synergizing local organizations, community partners, government entities, and other key players including legislators, consultants, and lobbying firms. Our established methodology has consistently secured significant funding and enabled substantial capacity growth. Our primary focus is on crafting successful proposals for our clients while also tapping into wider funding avenues to expedite their objectives.

Strategic Advisory and Partnerships

Cultivate and oversee novel and established business affiliations and partnerships, concurrently collaborating on pitches and presentations during pivotal stakeholder sessions. Actively engage in pertinent, endorsed events, facilitating essential connections and active involvement in client-centric conferences. Harness our extensive network to forge introductions and foster productive collaborations for grant partnerships and stakeholder alignment. Collaborate closely with clients to address strategic advisory requirements, facilitating connections with potential advisors and reputable candidates for future board roles. Establish clear anticipations and closely collaborate with clients to diligently achieve objectives, thereby enhancing company progress and expansion.

Government Relations

Incorporating local, regional, and statewide governmental figures is pivotal within an all-encompassing business strategy initiative. Through engagement with regulators and legislators, we frequently enhance market entry efficiency and optimize impact and funding allotments by spotlighting exemplary approaches from contributors aligning with government aims. Our team boasts an expansive network across all government spheres, affording clients a prominent position among influential stakeholders. Our offerings encompass nurturing legislative connections, comprehensive legislative monitoring and assessment, composing advocacy letters, active participation in committees and hearings, and furnishing testimonies, among various avenues for robust involvement.

Media Relations

Incorporating local, regional, and statewide government officials is imperative for a holistic business strategy campaign. Inclusion of regulators and legislators frequently leads to streamlined market entry or heightened impact and funding allocations, spotlighting exemplar practices from contributors aligned with government goals. Our team possesses extensive cross-sector governmental connections, affording clients a significant presence amid pivotal stakeholders. Our services encompass cultivating legislative relationships, vigilant legislative monitoring and analysis, composing strategic position letters, active participation in committees and hearings, including testimony delivery – all constituting a comprehensive array of avenues for vigorous engagement.