History of advocacy chiefs

Our History

Advocacy Chiefs skillfully navigate both industry and government landscapes, catalyzing funding for pioneering projects and forging enduring public-private collaborations. Positioned at the crossroads of Smart Cities and the Future of Work domains, Advocacy Chiefs boast a cadre of subject matter experts proficient in various Environmental, Social, and Governance matters, resulting in the realization of scalable, impactful initiatives for both government and industry stakeholders.

Our adept experts in Environmental, Social, and Governance matters create impactful projects, benefiting both government and industry partners.

Governments are major investors in innovation, pouring billions annually into non-dilutive funding for startups and collaborations. The federal government alone has committed over a trillion dollars in recent years to drive infrastructure and national security advancements.

However, access to government opportunities is intensely competitive, especially for smaller businesses and startups. In this landscape of elevated Government Relations spending, success hinges on the right product, narrative, and relationships. Advocacy Chiefs strategically design and implement campaigns to share compelling stories, align stakeholders, and establish valuable public-private partnerships. Our work generates business prospects, secures grants for projects, and aids government partners in effective fund deployment and reporting.