Ben Cadranel

Ben is a corporate attorney, fundraiser, and master connector who excels in building comprehensive collaborations and public-private partnerships.

Caliph Assagai

Caliph has been in policy advocacy for over 15 years, working in juvenile and criminal justice, mental health, higher education, transportation and land use, food access, and sustainable development.

Dr. Damany Fisher

Dr Fisher has 10+ years of experience in higher education and workforce development. A dedicated educator, He  has built a career working to serve students in secondary and higher education settings.

Jesse Samberg

Jesse is a nationally recognized public-sector planning and operations leader with a 30-year career at the MTA in NYC. There he led efforts to transform several of the key business functions.

Lisa A. Baker

Lisa is an activist with experience in  issues such as housing, social equality, and climate change. Her efforts help provide affordable housing,  social services, improve social equity, and address issues related to climate change.

katrina rosseini

Katrina Rosseini

Trailblazing founder, strategist, and cybersecurity specialist who has successfully negotiated $80 million in deals, advising government, healthcare, and cybersecurity domains.