Ben Cadranel

Ben is a corporate attorney, fundraiser, and master connector who excels in building comprehensive collaborations and public-private partnerships. He founded Advocacy Chiefs LLC (AC) a development and government relations firm, as his commitment to making an impact in the communities he serves. AC positions organizations to capture market share through strategic relationships with governments and their administrators. Ben’s past experiences include being Director of Resource Development at Woodland Community College and the Associate Director of Development for the University of California-wide California Summer School for Math and Sciences (COSMOS). Ben’s portfolio of work includes smart cities artificial intelligence company, LYT, engineering firm DKS Associates, Joule Case, the Pacific Gateway (City of Long Beach), the Los Angeles Regional Consortium of community colleges, Gladeo Inc., and Pockets Change.

In addition to his professional work, Ben is deeply involved in his community in the city of Woodland and Yolo County. Mr. Cadranel is the chair of the City of Woodland Mobile Home Fair Practices Commission and the Yolo County Library Foundation. Ben also sits on the board of the Yolo County Court Appointed Special Advocates for the benefit of the county’s foster children. He is a major supporter of community colleges and public libraries,especially because his wife, Nancy, is a librarian and sociologist. Ben and Nancy have a six-year-old son, Joachim, whom they love to travel with and go on various outdoor adventures.