katrina rosseini

Katrina Rosseini

Katrina Rosseini’s (Advisor) consulting efforts have resulted in over $80 million in client deal flows. Clients & projects have ranged from governments, including the Isle of Man, Foster City, Menlo Business Park, and PG&E collaborations, the city of Sacramento, the city of Elk Grove, transit and transportation projects, biotech, woman & minority owned/operated businesses, NBA and NFL teams, telecommunications, medical device companies, clean-tech, emerging sectors, financial industry, healthcare, UC & state schools, and cybersecurity.

Katrina has served on the board of directors at St. Rose Hospital for the past 12 years. She was recently nominated chair by the board of directors, overseeing vital decisions about the hospital’s operational, legal, and financial needs. Her efforts on the board led to completing multiple multimillion Referrals for Proposals (RFPs), saving the hospital hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees. She was also instrumental in securing the hospital’s multi-year, $16 million funding commitment. Katrina has also helped clients win RFPs and political campaigns in Silicon Valley and the Monterey peninsula. 

Formerly, Katrina was appointed to the Governor’s office and worked at the Office of Planning and Research within the small business advocate’s unit and then as a program coordinator for the California Emergency Response Team program at GOSERV, where she worked on citizen corps grants. Governor Schwarzenegger later appointed Katrina to serve on the California Performance Review (CPR) as an inter-governmental relations analyst. Katrina holds a B.A. in Business Organizational Studies and managerial economics from the University of California, Davis, and an MBA in finance from Colorado Tech University. She completed a Blockchain Strategy Program in 2022 from Oxford University. Katrina was accepted into Harvard Business School’s Accelerating Board Diversity program and received a certificate of completion. She was also accepted into Herndon Director’s Institute as a fellow.  Katrina recently received her fundamentals of ESG certification from Certified Financial Institute and is a Doctoral candidate of Engineering in Cybersecurity with a focus on AI.